Doc. Type G.O./Cir./Memo No Dept./Section Date Abstract View
G.O.Ms 41 Transport,Buildings(R-1)Department 01-10-2022 T,R
G.O.Ms 25 I 25-06-2021 Irrigation
G.O.Ms 25 I 25-06-2021 Irrigation
Memo Memo,No,6237/Reforms/2018 I & CAD (REFORMS) Dept. 24-09-2019 I&CAD Dept.-Provisiont of DMF and SMET in the Estimate/Revised Administrative Sanction-Clarification-Sought by DWA/TS-Instruction issued for all Engineering Departments-Reg.
G.O.Ms 39 I & CAD (REFORMS) Dept. 17-09-2019 Irrigation & CAD Department? Inclusion of Seigniorage Charges of Materials in Part ?II i.e., under Reimbursable items of Tender Schedule instead of adding the same in individual data for all Engineering Departments - Orders ? Issued.
Circular Circular Lr. No.ENC/IW/P&M/EE/DEE.2/AEE.5/MoRTH Data/2019 Enc I&CAD 23-06-2019 Irrigation & CAD Dept-Adoption of MoRTH Data in Irrigation works wherever required for Roads/CC Pavements etc., Dispensing of Insurance for MoRTH data item works as per G.O.Ms.No.5, Finance(W&P-F7)Dept.Dt:05.03.2014-Deduction of 0.385% from Overheads & CP of Morth Data towards Insurance component as per G.O.Ms.No. 5, Finance(W&P-F7)Dept.Dt:05.03.2014 and G.O.Ms.No.71, I&CAD.Dept.Dt:31.07.2018-Guidelines-Communicated-Reg.
G.O.Ms 71 I & CAD (REFORMS) Dept. 31-07-2018 Irrigation & CAD Department ? Deduction of 0.385% towards insurance component from the provision of 14% towards contractor?s profit and over heads for adoption in Standard Data in all Engineering Departments ? Orders ? Issued.
G.O.Ms 2 I & CAD (REFORMS) Dept. 10-07-2014 I & CAD Dept. ? Sub-Committee for Revision of Steel & Cement rates monthly ? Reconstitution of Committee in view of formation of Telangana State ? Orders- Issued.
G.O.Ms 345 IRRIGATION (PROJECTS WING) DEPARTMENT 08-09-1982 Irrigation Department and Roads & Buildings Department ? Arthematical Calculations ? Rounding off figures relating to Estimate quantities rates, estimate amount and tender percentage for evaluation of tenders - Instructions ? Issued.