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G.O.Ms 41 Finance (ADMN.II) Dept 12-05-2023 public services- state audit department subordinate accounts services examination and state audit ( previously local fund audit) departmental tests amendments to the syllabus- prescription of departmental test, TSPSC updation / modification of syllabus- approved
G.O.Ms 69 FINANCE(ADMIN.II) DEPT 19-05-2022 PUBLIC SERVICES-State Audit Department-Redesignation of Regional Deputy Director, State Audit, Warangal (erstwhile Zone-V) and Hyederabad (erstwhile Zone-VI) as Regional Deputy Director, state Audit, Warangal (Multi Zone-I) and Hyderabad (Multi Zone-II) respectively-Orders-Issued
Cir.Memo Circular Memo No 318/Q/2013 DSA 04-10-2013 Audit ? TGS (Technical Guidance and Supervision) of C&AG ? Comprehensive Guidelines ? Issued ? Reg
G.O.Ms 39 FINANCE(ADMN.II) DEPT 21-02-2013 State Audit Department ? Audit Objections - Waiver of Audit Objections by the officers of State Audit Department ? Enhancement of Financial Limits ?Orders ? Issued.
Circ.Memo 66/Q/2013 Director state audit 19-02-2013 Office Procedure ? Job Charts of Senior Auditors and Junior Auditors ?Instructions ? Issued
G.O.Ms 42 FINANCE (ADMN.II) DEPARTMENT 22-02-2012 Audit Objections ? Settlement of Audit Objections ? Local Bodies ? Re-constitution of State Level Committee ? Orders ? Issued.
G.O.Ms 213 finance 18-07-2006 public services- telangana state audit subordinate services rules-Rissued.
G.O.Ms 33 Finance (TFR.I) Department 09-02-2006 Misappropriation cases ? Recovery of misappropriated amount ? Amendment to Article 300 of AP Financial Code, Volume-I ? Orders ? Issued
G.O.Ms 534 FINANCE (PAC) DEPARTMENT 28-06-2004 COMMITTEES: Expeditious settlement of outstanding audit objections and pending inspection reports ? Constitution of State, Departmental and District Audit and Accounts Committees - Revised?Orders ? Issued
G.O.Ms 534 FINANCE (PAC) DEPARTMENT 28-06-2004 Appended to the GO Ms No 534 Finance (PAC) Department dated 28.06.2004-Hand Book of Instruction for the speedy settlement of audit observations, inspection reports, speedy disposal of audit paragraphs and timely action on matters pertaining to the Public Accounts Committee, the Committee on Public Undertakings and the Estimates Committee
G.O.Ms 25 GA(SER.C)Dept. 03-02-2004 Misappropriation cases - Consolidated  Guidelines - Issued.
Cir.Memo Circular Memo No 16808/W/WHOMP/98-9 DIRECTORATE OF STATE AUDIT 24-07-2003 AUDIT-Audit of Local Bodies-Issue of Audit Reports-Revised classifications of Audit Objections-Grouping of Audit Objections under relevant Categories-Instructions-Issued
Gazzette 36 FINANCE AND PLAN Dept.,(  F.W.   Admn-II) 25-09-2000 RULES Relating  to TELANGANA STATE AUDIT ACT, 1989.
G.O.Ms 130 FINANCE AND PLAN Dept.,(  F.W.   Admn-II) 08-09-2000 RULES Relating  to TELANGANA STATE AUDIT ACT, 1989.
Gazzette 13 20-04-1989 THE TELANGANA STATE AUDIT ACT, 1989. (ACT NO. 9 OF 1989)
G.O.Ms 40 FINANCE (FW.ADMN.I) DEPARTMENT 25-01-1989 Trianing-Training of Accounts and Audit personnel by the Institute of Administration-Merger of separate Accounts Training Institutions with Institute od Administration- Orders-Issued.
Manual .. .. null State Audit Mannual