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G.O.Ms 46 Finance (HRM-III) dept. 31-03-2021 Public services - Former Employees of local bodies appointed through Public Service Commission/ District Selection Committee to Government Service - Pay Protection ? Orders ? Issued.
Cir Memo Cir.Memo.No.146/65/A2/HRM.III/2004 Finance (HRM-III) dept. 16-10-2014 Public services - Formation of Telangana state-Special Increment-sanctioned-Certain Clarifications-Issued.
G.O.Ms 105 Finance (F.R.II) dept. 02-06-2011 Public Services - Employees of local bodies who were appointed through A.P.P.S.C./D.S.C., in Govt. Service ? Pay Protection ? Orders ? Issued
G.O.Ms 145 Finance (F.R.II) dept. 19-05-2009 FUNDAMENTAL RULES ?Amendment to FR 22-B ? Orders ? Issued
Memo Memo.No.4377/86-A/A1/PC.I/2007 F & P (FW.PC.I) Dept 17-03-2007 Advance increments for acquiring higher qualifications and sanction of Family Planning Incentive Increments ? Clarification ? Issued.
Cir. Memo. No.5476-A/137/FR.II/07 Finance (F.R.II) dept. 12-03-2007 Pay fixations ? Stepping up of pay of the senior on par with the junior ? Rectification of the anomaly ? Clarificatary the junior ? Rectification of the anomaly ? Clarificatary instructions ? Issuedinstructions ? Issued
Cir. Memo. No.2620-A/65/FR.II/07 Finance (F.R.II) dept. 20-02-2007 Fundamental Rules ? Anomaly between the pay drawn by Senior and Junior arising out of reintroduction of pay fixation under FR 22-B for those employees who got regular promotion after availing the benefit of Automatic Advancement Scheme in the Revised Pay Scales, 2005 ? Clarification ? Issued.
Cir Memo Circular Memo. No. 40577/581/P.C..I/2000 F & P (FW.PC.I) Dept 23-11-2000 Public Services ? Revised Pay Scales, 1999 ? Sanction of Stagnation Increments ? Clarification ? Reg.
G.O.Ms 152 F & P (FW.F.C.I) Dept 04-11-2000 Public Services ? Revised Pay Scales, 1999 ? Sanction of Stagnation increments ? Orders ? Issued.
G.O.Ms 145 F & P (FW.PSC) Dept 16-10-2000 Pay-fixation of reemployed pensioners
G.O.Ms 118 F & P (F.W. P.R.C.I) Dept. 25-05-1981 PUBLIC SERVICES: Incentive to employees who have reached or who may reach the maximum of the Revised Pay Scale, 1978 ? Special Increments beyond the time scale ? Conversion of the existing biennial Increments into annual increments ? Orders ? Issued