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G.O.Ms 355 MA 01-06-2022 MA
circular Roc.No. 196633 / 2020 /C2-1 C&DMA 23-07-2020 :TS - PS - MA Dept.,- Certain irregularities committed by the Municipal Commissioner and Engineering staff in calling of eprocurement tenders under District Mineral foundation Funds - V&E Enquiry conducted certain recommendations suggested - Instructed to follow the V&E recommendations - Reg.
circular Roc.No,178217/2020-H2 C&DMA 23-02-2020 Pattana Pragathi Programme-sanction of works- reg.
circular Roc.No.E-175703/2020-H2-1 C&DMA 20-02-2020 Mpl Admn Dept-Certain instructions issued for finalisation of tenders-Reg.
Memo Memo No.11142/T2/AE4/labour Cess/2019 ENC PH&MED 17-02-2020 PH & ME Dept-Discrepancics in implementation oI Labour Cess in the work bills of the Contractors by different Engineering Departments-Uniform adoption of Labour Cess - Memo to SEs/EEs-Req- Reg.
circular Lr.Roc.No. 152157/2019/C2-2, C&DMA 27-01-2020 PS-MA Dept-Boduppar Municiparity- Vigilance Report No.36 dated 19-07- 2019 - complaint against the concerned officials and contractors regarding misuse of Government funds in Boduppal Municipality _ V&E conducted - Deduct 30% for DMF and 2% for SMET on seigniorage charges from work bills - Instructions issued
Lr.No.Roc.No.124275/H3/2019, C&DMA 31-10-2019 MA Department-ICICI Bank- offer of online collection services for collection of 1.5% EMD from L1 bidder and collection of Processing Fee from all bidders-Reg.
Proc.No.133/AE4/T2/GST/2017 ENC PH&MED 15-02-2019 PH&MED-quantification of Embedded Tax rates for the previous S0Rs prior to 2017-18-directed by the Government -Revised rates (excluding embedded taxes) pf Public Health items for the previous Sors 2015-16 & 2016-17 - Worked out - Communicated Reg.
Letter.Roc.No.76324/H3/2019 C&DMA 01-02-2019 ICICI Bank-Request to interlink DPMS account for receiving funds from new e-Procurement Systems of Govt.of Telangana
G.O.Ms 97 MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATION & URBAN DEVELOPMENT (ENGG.) DEPARTMENT 28-04-2018 MA&UD Department-Empowering the Municipal commissioners of all the ULBs for /sanction of civil works on Nomination basis (Roads & Drains) up to Rs.5.00 Lakhs duly amending G.O.Ms.No.719,MA & UD (TC.2) Dept.,dt.18.10.2008-Orders- Issued
circular Roc. No. 15251 /2017/M1 C&DMA 20-02-2018 Genl.Admn.(V&E) Dept. - RV&EO, Hyderabad City-I - Deduction of labour Cess @ 1% - Certain information - ATR - Requested - Regarding.
Memo Memo. No. 11142/T2/AE4/Labour cess/2017 ENC PH&MED 15-12-2017 PH&MED-Implementation of Labour cess pertaining to Engineering Department Works-system Improvement note by Director General V&E -Certain recommendations-Communicated-Reg
proc. Proc.No.1/SE/QCC/GHMC/2017 GHMC 12-09-2017 GHMC-Engineering-SE,QCC-Certain amendments to the QC manual-Regarding.
G.O.Ms 173 MA&UD (C2) Dept. 17-06-2017 MA&UD Department-Public Health and Municipal Engineering Department-Enhancement of Technical sanction powers to Public Health and Municipal Engineers-Enhancement-Orders-issed.
G.O.Ms 91 MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATION & URBAN DEVELOPMENT (C1) DEPARTMENT 25-03-2017 MA&UD Department-Entrustment of works costing below Rs.5.00 Lakhs by the registered contractors/Self Help/Ward level Committee/ Resident welfare Association (RWA) on Nomination basis in all ULB in the State-Orders-issued
Memo No.003/DEABAS/MAARC/TS/C&DMA/2015 C&DMA 04-08-2016 MAARC BEABAS Lice 2016-17 work order to be furnished by Engg wing in Municipalities -Further instructions issued-reg
G.O.Ms 209 MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATION & URBAN DEVELOPMENT (C) DEPARTMENT 31-12-2015 MA & UD Dept. - The Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014 ? The Andhra Pradesh Municipalities Tender Rules, 1967 - Adaptation to the State of Telangana - Orders ? Issued.
G.O.Ms 185 MA&UD (K1) Dept. 25-05-2011 WORKS ? Public Health Engineering Department ? Tender Reforms ? Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) ? Implementation of Projects under EPC system in Municipal Corporations/Municipalities and HMWS&SB ? Amendment ? Orders - Issued.